“Jeff was an absolute delight to work with for the Chimes 75th Reunion in Tampa. Shows are often made or broken by the talent of the emcee, but even more so by their generosity of spirit, and Jeff had all three in spades. He was patient, kind, and loving towards every performer, and consistently strove to put each talent in their best light. He was my rock throughout the whole process, and I couldn’t have done this show without him.

The moment he stepped on stage balancing a 10 foot ladder on his chin while the audience’s jaws promptly dropped to the floor, I knew we had a fantastic show on our hands. No matter how tight our schedule was or how little time we had to get the show on it’s feet, Jeff came in and brought the house down with his off the cuff humor, incredible physical comedy, and a killer introduction of each act so each performance was a success before the talent even stepped on stage. Few can attest to juggling a 9 pound bowling ball, meat cleaver and apple and living to tell the tale, and I’m convinced Jeff could do it for days without flinching, all the while keeping a smile on the face of everyone lucky enough to watch him in his element.

Jeff is one of those rare performers with that twinkle in the eye – his love of performance is infectious, his ability to connect with others is unmatched, and his comedy in action had the entire audience on their feet cheering. I cannot overstate how lucky I am to have had him as our emcee. He was a consummate professional, a brilliant talent, and an even better friend. I look forward to working together again someday – if only to see what other life-threatening inanimate objects he can toss into the air.”