Speaker Jeff Civillico on stage for ASTRA Toy

A Joy to Be the Keynote Speaker for ASTRA Toy

It’s not every day you have the privilege of speaking for a company with a vision to change the world through the power of play. When you do, you deliver the most entertainment-packed, interactive keynote ever — like I just did for the wonderful people at ASTRA Toy! After not one but two canceled conventions, this event was so special for a multitude of reasons.  From why specialty toy industry folks take the cake as the best audience ever to how my latest keynote can help you connect with your why, tag along as I bring you through my time

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The Room Block Podcast with Jen Salerno Promo

The Room Block Podcast with Jen Salerno 

383.7 million. That’s the number of global podcast listeners there are… per month! Over the years, podcasts have become an invaluable resource to share your knowledge with others, or even just chat about shared experiences

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Jerry Longarzo and Jeff Civillico

Jerry Longarzo – Rest In Peace

I learned today that my attorney/manager Jerry Longarzo lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Jerry was very special to me. Jerry believed in me since the moment he and his family happened to see me

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