Colin Christopher | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment | For the past fourteen years Colin Christopher has been demonstrating his talents in front of over 250,000 people. As a clinical hypnotherapist he began the path to reach this point in his early teens during training to become an elite athlete. His coaches used basic forms of hypnosis to help Colin focus on and visualize his goals. Although he suffered a career ending injury, this proved to be the inspiration for him to pursue hypnosis professionally.Corporate Event Entertainment

Attaining both a university degree in genetics and a mastery over hypnosis Colin was able to prove all the doctors wrong by using his brain to help heal his injury and relieve much of the pain associated with it.

After becoming so astonished at his personal results Colin then sought to help others by attaining an official certification in clinical hypnotherapy. He is also an entertainer in all senses of the word and seeks to help audiences through the use of his craft: he is a sure hit at any corporate event entertainment occasion.

Colin has already developed a strong background in corporate event entertainment, having already done gigs for McDonalds, Bell Mobility, and Princess Cruise Lines. Booking Colin for any of your corporate event entertainment needs will be sure to have your employees engaged and talking about their experiences at the water cooler for weeks to come.

To see what Colin Foster has to offer and to book him for your corporate event entertainment occasion be sure to visit his website!