“Comedy in Action” Named “Best Bang for the Buck” by Travel Weekly

It’s such an honor to be featured in Travel Weekly, a national newspaper for the travel industry, as the “Best Bang for the Buck” in Las Vegas!

In a Dec. 9, 2013 feature, “Comedy in Action” at The Linq was listed among the “2013 Best Bets in Shows, Food, Rooms.” Writer David Yeskel did a wonderful write-up of the show.

Jeff Civillico in Travel Weekly
Don’t try to read that tiny print. You’ll herniate yourself.

David Yeskel wrote, “When introduced last year as a guest performer in Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic show, it was clear Jeff Civillico was headed for success. The lanky comic, whose dynamic energy propels the frenetic pace of the show, toys with the audience and the poor suckers who volunteer to assist with his juggling and balancing routines. Along the way, he delivers a hilarious, family-friendly patter that keeps the crowd in the moment.”

Yeskel continued, “Nobody on The Strip works harder than Civillico, whose afternoon show at The Linq (previously the Imperial Palace) is a great value, with tickets starting at $38.”

We’ll take flattery like that any day of the week! Thanks, Travel Weekly.