Las Vegas Show – Steel Panther

Las Vegas Show Steel Panther: 80s glam rock is back in a very big (hair) way, accompanied by the most brazen representation of its glory ever to terrorize the Las Vegas Las Vegas Showcommunity. Steel Panther is loud, obnoxious, vulgar, inappropriate, consistently shocking and dressed to the hilt in clothing that miraculously manages to properly reflect the level of outrageousness their bearers carry onto the stage each night. You’ll figure out most of this before they even sing a single song.

Thankfully, their Las Vegas show goes a long way toward redeeming your guilty pleasures as the group is also immensely talented.

Band mates Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Stix Zindinia brilliantly tackle covers from top 80s hair metal bands, parodying their style and mannerisms, executing their songs with professional proficiency and giving the greater glory to the gods of rock in an uninhibited homage that will leave you wide-eyed and pleasantly violated.

The liberal usage of zebra spandex justifies most of the admission price on its own, but the remaining value of the craziest Las Vegas show around is supplemented in abundance by the presence of every glorious and hysterical stereotype ever to come out of one of American music’s most infamous eras.Check out the band that’s not safe for children, not safe for work, not safe for adults and absolutely, definitely not safe for those of you concerned about the status of your immortal soul. Experience Steel Panther — if you dare!

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