College Entertainment Testimonial- Cornell University

College entertainment is one of Jeff’s specialties.  He has performed for hundreds of universities nationwide – banquets, award shows – you name it! College Entertainment

Here is a college entertainment testimonial from Cornell University.

“Dear Jeff, thank you again for your performance at Cornell University. Your performance was outstanding and had our entire first-year class of 3,000+ buzzing, not only that night, but for weeks afterword.

Thank you for being willing to work with us in an less than ideal acoustic setting and for spending the time outside of your performance to get to know my 15 student leaders. Like many of our first-years, my student leaders were tired after Move-In Day and all that everyone had to do during their first two days on campus. Your energy was infectious and really motivated them to dig a little deeper over the rest of Orientation.

Your performance was outstanding and had students on the edge of their seat. In years past, we’ve had similar types of large performances where students have walked out by the dozen if they aren’t instantly entertained. Upon first meeting you, I knew that this wouldn’t remotely be the case. Thanks for giving our students a great show, having them participate in the action, and entertaining a huge audience.

All the best in the future. Thank you again.”

Sarah H. Jones, Assistant Dean of Students, Cornell University

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