MC for Norm Crosby, Comedy Cavalcade

Jeff Civillico and Norm Crosby
Hangin with Norm

Sunday was an exciting day– I had the honor of sharing the stage with living legend Norm Crosby as the MC for “Comedy Cavalcade” at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.  What an inspiration to see someone who is 83 not only still performing, but absolutely killing it on stage!

As the MC, I had spent some time researching, recording, and memorizing many of Norm’s accomplishments over the years for his introduction.  Moments before I was to bring him on, I ran the intro by him backstage.  After I finished, he looked up at me and said “That sounds like an obituary!  Just say this: ‘Please welcome the master of the malaprop, Norm Crosby.”


“Jeff did a great job hosting Comedy Cavalcade.  He grabbed the audience from his first moments on stage and garnered high praise from headliner Norm Crosby.”   –Ryan Hill, Producer