Corporate Emcee / Entertainment Testimonial | Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

MHDLOGODear Jeff, thank you so much for entertaining our 650+ members at MHEDA’s 601h annual convention! You were an absolute hit with the attendees both as an emcee presiding over our opening business meeting and during your closing comedy/juggling act. I am completely amazed at the talent you possess and as I mentioned after your performance, I have to wonder how many injuries you sustained learning how to juggle meat cleavers, bowling balls, etc. It was incredible to watch you in action! The final performance with the light show was totally mesmerizing and a great way to end your show.

A few years ago we began hiring emcees for our opening business meeting to turn a “ho-hum” meeting into something more fun and engaging. You hit the mark 100% adding the perfect blend of humor, entertainment and interactivity with MHEDA’s convention chair. And you were wonderfully easy to work with considering how many times I had to send you revised scripts and directions. You made our lives easy during a very complicated opening session given all the speakers, costume changes, announcements, etc.

Thank you so much and please let us know if we can serve as a personal reference. You were fantastic!!!

Liz Richards

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