Corporate Entertainer for Healthcare Events

Why a Corporate Entertainer is a Partner for Healthcare Events

Do you know what some of the biggest healthcare companies in America, like Rite Aid or Dignity Health, have in common? They both love Jeff Civillico! Okay, scratch that. Really, they both love providing their employees with premium corporate entertainment — and that’s where a corporate entertainer like me comes in. 

Corporate entertainers are what put the ‘care’ in large-scale healthcare events. They serve high-energy to the crowd, while also lending a massive knowledge bank to the committee bringing the event to life. In other words, corporate entertainers are partners for major healthcare events. 

Take a look at what a corporate entertainer does and how their partnership can amplify your next event. 

What is a Corporate Entertainer?

A corporate entertainer is a performer who is well-versed in private events held by large corporations or businesses for their employees, clients, or stakeholders. They provide corporate entertainment for large audiences, such as conferences and conventions, or for smaller events, such as holiday parties and team retreats. Corporate entertainers can range from comedians and musicians to jugglers and magicians. 

Beyond the actual “entertainment” part, a corporate entertainer like myself is also a professional emcee. This means that in addition to scripted comedy or performances, the corporate entertainer introduces keynotes speakers, segues between workshops, and thoroughly engages the crowd for the duration of the event. A corporate entertainer can also interview event speakers and interact with the virtual audience tuning into a healthcare event from home. 

Most importantly, a corporate entertainer is a partner for large-scale healthcare events. They possess the credibility and experience to perfectly tailor their content to fit your client, venue, and audience. They understand the nuances of a corporate event, can easily pick up industry jargon, and have the flexibility to work the room and connect with attendees. With a corporate entertainment professional as your industry partner, you can truly electrify your next healthcare event. 

How a Corporate Entertainer Amplifies Healthcare Events

If you’re in the middle of planning a large-scale healthcare event, you know just how many moving pieces are necessary from event conception through event completion. Between lining up keynote speakers and organizing food vendors to keep the crowd energized, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll keep guests entertained. With a corporate entertainment partner, you no longer have to worry.

First, a corporate entertainer will engage the crowd. Through well-timed comedic interludes, your corporate entertainer will get attendees to laugh and lower down the guards — essentially priming them for knowledge share of the event. Plus, a corporate entertainer like myself has an entire roster of clean comedy, so healthcare companies don’t need to worry about offending anyone in the audience or making volunteers feel embarrassed.

Once the audience is prepped and ready for action, a corporate entertainer keeps the energy high throughout the entire event. With physical comedy, action-packed stunts, and world-class juggling, your entertainer can surprise and delight guests to avoid hitting that mid-conference slump. They’ll also draw connections between speakers and the audience, to further distill event material. And better yet, they can capture all of these moments on camera to create recap and promotional videos for your company.

What to Look for in a Corporate Entertainment Partner 

A corporate entertainer provides indispensable value to large-scale healthcare events. However, there’s a huge difference between true corporate entertainment and an industry rookie. While we all have to start somewhere, you only want to tag in an industry veteran as your corporate partner for upcoming events. Discover what you should look for in a corporate entertainer below. 

1. Experience with the Healthcare Industry

Though the most obvious, you should always look for a corporate entertainer who has extensive experience with the healthcare industry. Healthcare is incredibly nuanced and is full of industry-specific terminology that your attendees will all be familiar with. When you hire a corporate entertainer unaware of these details, the disconnect between their material and your audience’s interests become blatantly apparent.

Instead, seek a corporate entertainer with a roster of healthcare experience. For instance, I routinely partner with various healthcare organizations to perform for their conferences, webinars, and retreats. Likewise, I spearhead a national nonprofit organization — Win-Win Entertainment — where I speak with hospital foundations, doctors, and specialist teams on a routine basis. This constant involvement with the healthcare industry means I’m always up to date with industry jargon and common knowledge.

2. Ability to Customize Entertainment

No one wants to attend a healthcare conference featuring the same stale material as last year’s event. Similarly, no one wants to attend a healthcare conference and get hit with entertainment that’s totally out of their comfort zone. So, it’s key you find a corporate entertainer who can easily customize their performance material to keep things relevant and fresh.

For example, a ton of my healthcare industry clients know me as the juggler — I’ve hosted tons of corporate team-building events where I’ve literally taught employees and clients how to juggle (or at least tried to!). Yet, there’s so, so much more in store when you sign on with a corporate entertainer like me. From customizable trivia games to personalized comedy routines, these individual performances are what truly generate engagement and connection. 

3. Versatility On Stage and On Camera

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that your corporate entertainer should be a natural on the stage. However, you ideally want to partner with someone who’s comfortable on camera as well. For one, versatility behind the camera means your entertainer can tag in their virtual event production company to broadcast live footage of what’s happening at the event to audience members at home. 

Plus, the entertainer can capture moments during breaks that can be used for recap or promotional reels. If you partner with a corporate entertainer like myself who’s accustomed to filming live and scripted interviews on camera, you can even have an entire behind-the-scenes look at your healthcare event to use as marketing material or share with those who could not attend. 

4. Willingness to Engage (Before, During, and After the Event)

Lastly, be sure to partner with a corporate entertainer who is willing to engage with audience members at your healthcare event. With this tip, I don’t just mean entertainers should engage while on stage at the event. Rather, I mean they should connect with the crowd before, during, and after the event. Look for the performer who naturally enjoys people and will want to meet your team during cocktail hour, not hide behind the stage curtain.

For me personally, I’ve had healthcare event attendees walk up to me and think I’m an actual company employee! Because I know their industry so well and always mingle among the audience to chat, some people simply assume I have to be with their company. They’re often surprised to find out that I’m a corporate entertainer and haven’t worked in the healthcare industry all along!

Jeff Civillico leads the crowd at Endo Pharma meeting in Las Vegas

Your Next Corporate Healthcare Event Partner is One Click Away

Corporate healthcare events are often large-scale ceremonies with dozens, if not hundreds, of attendees. When you check through all of your boxes to ensure guests have an amazing experience at your corporate event, don’t forget corporate entertainment. Beyond the laughter and small-talk, a corporate entertainer will be the partner that truly makes your healthcare event shine.

Fortunately, your next healthcare event partner is just one click away. Book me today for your upcoming event, and discover the difference a professional corporate entertainer can make.