Corporate Entertainer for ProAmpac in Naples 

They say “all’s well that ends well,” and that’s how I feel about my most recent mini-road trip through Florida! I started my corporate entertainment doubleheader in Orlando, and then made my way south to Naples where I had the pleasure of performing for the wonderful team at ProAmpac. It’s starting to feel like old times again with these back-to-back shows and great crowds!

Of course, with this return to normalcy comes the return of a few other routine elements, like the need to remain nimble when traveling for events. Take a look at today’s quick recap of Florida show #2 from my recent Florida doubleheader, as well as how myself and the fantastic production crew at L!VE were able to remain flexible to create a one-of-a-kind show for our client. 

Corporate Entertainment Doubleheader in Florida

I began this doubleheader trip to Florida in Orlando, where I wore multiple hats as the professional event emcee, corporate entertainer, and even sketch comedy partner for the team at Green Compass. Once my gear was safely packed, I headed down to Naples, where I was slated to be the corporate entertainment for ProAmpac. 

I received this opportunity from the good people over at EventGenuity®, a business events strategy and integrated entertainment management company. EventGenuity is known for creating spectacular entertainment experiences for business events and more, so I was ecstatic that they trusted me to bring some Las Vegas flavor down to Florida and electrify ProAmpac’s awards night. 

Through my new friends at EventGenuity, I also was introduced to L!VE, a fabulous corporate events production company that operates out of Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis. The L!VE crew came equipped with tons of monitors to enhance the audience experience and pivot to match the needs of the venue, and were a total joy to work alongside for the day.

Monitor showing ProAmpac 2022 Awards Dinner

Meeting New Clients Who Are Experts in Flexibility 

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, ProAmpac is a leader in global flexible packaging. With dozens of locations across North America, Europe, and Asia, the company works to provide cutting-edge packaging solutions with a product offering that spans paper, plastic, and foil products. And with an emphasis on flexibility, it was no wonder that this client was such a pleasure to work with.

Though the ProAmpac team had most of their conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, current COVID protocols made it impossible to host their dinner banquet and awards ceremony in the Ritz ballroom. Instead, everyone headed to the Bay Colony Golf Club, which was just a few minutes away. This venue was absolutely beautiful, with amazing water views that made the last-minute switch beyond worth it!

Bay Colony Golf Club in Naples Outdoor Image

Bringing Down the House (Figuratively!) 

The Bay Colony Golf Club was a wonderful venue, but it didn’t quite match the typical parameters of a banquet or awards ceremony space. Rather than an open space, the room was arc-shaped, and large (gorgeous!) pillars separated the space. While a beautiful backdrop, it was a bit tricky to make sure every guest could see what was happening on stage.

My new friends at L!VE were able to flex their technology skills and solve the problem with creative thinking and advanced pre-production! By adjusting the seating and placing several monitors throughout the room, the crew ensured that no matter where a guest was in the audience, they could always watch what was happening. It’s all about flexibility! 

Speaking of flexibility, I tweaked my corporate entertainment set a bit to better match the venue. If you’ve ever seen my “Comedy in Action” show, you know I do some pretty height-defying tricks, like balancing a ladder on my chin and juggling just about anything. The stage at the golf club was a tad smaller with a bit shorter ceilings, so I made sure none of my acts brought the ceiling down!

Engaging the Crowd with Subtle Adjustments to My Act 

Remember how I mentioned needing to make a few small adjustments to my act to better fit the venue? That’s the great thing about working with an experienced professional entertainer.. With decades of performance experience, it’s easy  for me to adapt my show on the fly based on the room, the venue and the audience.. I’ve learned to pivot my entertainment so it can work no matter what — and no matter when!

The ProAmpac crew had a loaded night with a delicious dinner, a wine tasting and auction for charity, and a fantastic award show. It was up to me to close out the night and leave everyone with a laugh. Another perk of being an experienced corporate entertainer is that you know when you need to adapt your normal set to fit the moment. For this show, it was all about grabbing the audience’s attention, so I opted for an audience engagement routine first, whereas normally I would establish myself on stage solo for a few minutes first. I restructured my act and was met with a lively crowd in response. It was a home run show! 

A Corporate Entertainer Who Can Pivot on the Fly 

As I begin to travel more and more again for client shows, I’m reminded again of how much I love to be in front of a real, in-person crowd. Of course, it’s been a major benefit for me to remain flexible enough to have tackled hundreds of virtual shows over these past two years. But now, I’m happy to say that my flexibility can bring an authentic Las Vegas Headliner to your stage and your computer screen! 

If you’re looking for an entertainer who can pivot on the fly, you’ve come to the right place. Send me a booking inquiry today for a professional event emcee, corporate entertainer, keynote speaker, and more. Whatever you need, I’m confident we can make it work… After all, we always do!