Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Chris Chelko

Corporate Event Entertainment: Chris Chelko and his partner have worked to redefine what it means to be a circus, taking their act across the country.

Chris Chelko is high demand for corporate event entertainment, but also university events! corporate event entertainment

When people think of the circus, generally animals and acrobats come to mind. This is not always the case. Chris Chelko and his partner, Michael DuBois, have created a show that incorporates different arts called The Adult Circus.  The Adult Circus is a variety show that features Chris Chelko and Michael DuBois, well-known names in the corporate event entertainment circuit. The show includes juggling, magic, mind reading, and acts of coordination and balance. The audience participation theme of the show makes it perfect for engaging corporate event entertainment.  The tag team has had the opportunity to travel around the country for corporate event entertainment and university assemblies. They have also appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which lead to increased demand for the corporate event entertainment veterans. Other celebrities that they have entertained include Michael J. Fox, Steven Tyler, and Jim Breuer.

The Adult Circus is the perfect act for all audiences and great for corporate event entertainment