Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Danny Cole

Corporate Event Entertainment: The world of magic has taken notice of Danny Cole and his talent.

Hire only the best for your next corporate event entertainment need—Danny Cole, “Stage Magician of the Year.” corporate event entertainment

Danny Cole is young, but does not let his age drag him down. He is well known in both the magic community and corporate event entertainment circuit. Danny is undoubtedly talented and has accolades to support it. He has been voted “Stage Magician of the Year” not once, but twice by members of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In addition to performing for corporate event entertainment, he has also appeared on television. He was a featured performed on Lance Burton’s network special. Danny has also had the opportunity to work with other magic, including corporate event entertainment magicians, as a consultant. In doing so, he has helped to create magic shows for other performers and thereby extending his impact on corporate event entertainment.

A leader in his industry, Danny Cole, will be excellent match for any corporate event entertainment