Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…David Morgan

Corporate event entertainment: David Morgan puts a unique spin on entertainment with his sidekick “Chucky.”

Corporate even entertainment takes on a new element with entertainer David Morgan. corporate event entertainment

Many entertainers have assistants or partners. David does too, but his sidekick is a duck named “Chucky.” Chucky is a puppet that David uses in his shows, including corporate event entertainment. The pair create a show that is great for audiences of all ages. The show is hilarious with their own type of “duck spun” humor. Audience members enjoy the participation element of the corporate event entertainment as it gives them a chance to engage with entertainer and Chucky. David and Chucky have traveled across the world to perform for cruise ships, comedy clubs, and corporate event entertainment. This type of corporate event entertainment will leave audiences with smiles on their faces and fond memories of Chucky the duck.


Try something a little out of the ordinary for your next corporate event entertainment need and book David Morgan and Chucky!