Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…David Thomas

Corporate Event Entertainment: David Thomas is an entertainment producer of many popular shows. He is also a leading magician for corporate event entertainment.

David Thomas has been performing magic and illusions since his 20’s, allowing him to perfect his corporate event entertainment productions. Corporate Event Entertainment

David has had the opportunity to perform in a variety of entertainment settings, from Missouri to Egypt.  Many of these opportunities were a result of David’s former position as Vice President of Entertainment  for Six Flags Theme Parks. While the shows at the parks were not corporate event entertainment, David learned how to delight audiences of all types. He produced shows ranging from gun shows to water shows.  David has also worked with Time Warner in producing popular “Batman Stunt Shows.” Prior to becoming a stock name in corporate even entertainment, David produced “The World of Magic” at his theater in Branson, Missouri. He moved his show “The World of Magic” to a theater at Sahara and then adapted it to fit almost any setting, including cruise ships, showrooms, and now corporate event entertainment. “The World of Magic” is perfect for corporate event entertainment of all types as the show can be adjusted to individual budgets and venues.

Make your next corporate event entertainment “The World of Magic” for a WOW reaction from audiences!