Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Derek Selinger

Corporate event entertainment: Derek Selinger has been speaking in front of audiences since the age of 15. With over ten years of experience in corporate event entertainment, Derek is a natural choice for any upcoming events.

Derek not only does corporate event entertainment, but also is a captivating motivational speaker! Corporate Event Entertainment

Derek applies his life experiences to the way he approaches life and incorporates his lessons into corporate event entertainment presentations. He realizes that life is a gift and so aims to live life to the fullest. He realized this at the young age of eight when he discovered that his mom was electrocuted when she was pregnant with him. Derek hopes to share his passion for life with others and does so through motivational speaking and corporate event entertainment. He is a popular choice for corporate event entertainment in five continents! Derek is also the recipient of six international awards, as a result of his exceptional corporate event entertainment presentations.


Derek has a unique ability to work the crowd that will engage audiences of corporate event entertainment.