Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Dirk Arthur

Corporate Event Entertainment: Dirk Arthur is well-known around Las Vegas as a popular magician and illusionist.

Look nowhere else for a magician for your corporate event entertainment, Dirk Arthur is one of the best!  Corporate Event Entertainment

Many people might think of corporate event entertainment as dull. However, dull is one word that would not be used to describe the show that Dirk presents. Dirk has the capability to make objects appear from the air and will amaze audiences of corporate event entertainment. He will make audiences gasp at his abilities, which also includes making an Amtrak train appear from nowhere and incorporating animals into his act. Dirk incorporated animals into his act because it was around the same time that Sigfried and Roy were gaining popularity for their show featuring tigers. Dirk started with birds and moved up to tigers. Dirk has performed throughout Las Vegas such as at the Plaza, Bally’s, The Silverton, the Tropicana, and now corporate event entertainment. This corporate event entertainment regular has also appeared on television shows like NBC’s “World Greatest Magic,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” and “Big Cat Magic.” Dirk’s latest show is called “Xtreme Magic” and features his popular big illusions.

The media has esteemed Dirk as an exceptional performer. The New York Daily News has called him a close rival to David Copperfield, while Showtime Magazine of Las Vegas has called him “bloody marvelous.” In any sense, he is more than qualified to perform at a corporate entertainment event.

Magic is perfect for a corporate event entertainment and so is Dirk Arthur as a performer!