Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Don Friesen

Corporate Event Entertainment: Do you like to laugh? Do you need someone for upcoming corporate event entertainment? Look no further because Don Friesen should be the natural choice.

Don Friesen is a clean performer who is perfect for any type of corporate event entertainment. Corporate event entertainment

Don Friesen works to include the audience with his style of corporate event entertainment. Don improvises throughout his show and makes the audience laugh with self-depreciating humor. He often mocks his own suburban lifestyle, supplemented by priceless expressions. Corporate event entertainment can be funny again with Don Friesen.

Prior to working the corporate event entertainment circuit, Don attended the University of Southern California (USC).  Don founded a campus improv troupe called Commedus Interruptus. The group still performs today. After USC, Don went on to win the San Francisco International Comedy Competition—twice. Don has had the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences other than for corporate event entertainment. Comedy Central hosted “Live at Gotham,” which Don performed at in 2009.

Don’s record speaks for itself, making him a sure option for corporate event entertainment