Professional Emcee – Carlson Rezidor 2016

Many people know that I regularly perform my show at corporate events, but you may not be aware that I also get hired as a professional event emcee quite a bit these days, as well as a keynote speaker.

Last month I hosted Carlson Rezidor’s conference for the 3rd year in a row!  Great client 🙂  What a wonderful group – they are an absolute dream to work with every time.  This year we were at the MGM Grand.  They had 4 anchor themes to their “Breaking Boundaries” conference” – embracing change, inviting challenge, expanding knowledge, and empowering others.  I had a great time having some fun with these themes!  Take a look…

“We included Jeff Civillico once again within the format of our video interviews and entertainment throughout our 2016 Annual Business Conference.  This is the third year Jeff has been part of the conference and our attendees love him.  He has become one of the family.  His ease with the attendees, his adaptability to the conference themes we try to integrate, and his overall delivery bring a fun and entertaining element that the audience truly enjoys.  He is so easy to work with and makes our job as planners a breeze.  Thank you, Jeff, for helping us end the 2016 conference on a great note!  And we’ll see you next year!”

– Kristin Hanousek, Senior Director, Meetings and Events, Carlson Rezidor