Las Vegas Show – Criss Angel Believe

Las Vegas show Criss Angel: Criss Angel is a master magician and illusionist who’s been known to walk on water, levitate, cut himself in half, stroll up the side of a building Las Vegas Showand contribute greatly to the total number of eye-popping and jaw-dropping moments in entertainment history. Cirque du Soliel is a legendary performing troupe that takes the best elements of circus art, profound imagery and emotional exploration and blends them into an unparalleled show that’s better defined as an experience.

As separate entities they’re both amazing acts, but working in unison they manage to push their mutual boundaries to the limits and beyond, starring together in a Las Vegas show that’s taken every last drop of audience feedback and incorporated it into the newest and best version of itself yet.

“Criss Angel: Believe” carefully balances the illusionist’s intense stage presence with Cirque du Soliel’s innovative artistry and leaves fans of each of them properly satisfied. The atmosphere of the Las Vegas show is fascinatingly dark, channeling the unusual mysteries and gothic accents of carnivals and circuses from long ago.  Criss’ personality and the troupe’s flair for painting feelings as well as pictures ensure that “Believe” hits its high mark every time. Criss stays centered on performing the incredible illusions he’s famous for, but manages to weave a story into the tapestry of his work and remembers to provide just the right amount of comic relief. He’s always been kind enough to allow you a few laughs in the middle of the inevitable gasping and disbelieving stares.

Check out Las Vegas show Criss Angel Believe next time your in town!