Curt Carlyle | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment | The young juggler Curt Carlyle has a style that is like none other. He manages to blend a mix of comedy, juggling, and what some might call acrobatics together to create an end product that is incredibly witty and fast paced entertainment. There is no denying that Curt is multitalented as he uses what seems like dozens of props throughout his show. Whether he is juggling clubs, using his diabolo, or fitting through a tennis racquet Curt would be a sure hit for any corporate event entertainment occasion.

Want to spice things up for your corporate event entertainment needs? Look no further than Curt Carlyle. His juggling skills and high levels of audience interaction will be sure to keep employees on their toes and alert throughout the entire show setting the perfect tone for whatever your day might have in store for them.

Curt has received rave reviews from several notable figures and news sources such as Mike D. from The Beasty Boys and MTV all crediting his innovative and off the cuff style. He consistantly attends many world recognized juggling festivals and events to make sure he maintains his skills for his show and corporate event entertainment gigs.

To learn more about Curt Carlyle and to see all he brings to the table for his corporate event entertainment occasions visit his website!