Hosting Cyber Linq on “Valley View Live”

As many of you know I love, love, love being a professional emcee for major corporate events and conferences nationwide. But I also love being on TV! I’ve had some really great opportunities over the years with networks like Travel Channel and Cooking Channel, and I’m fortunate enough to be able to jump on local TV here in Las Vegas a couple times a week.

One of my regular segments is a weekly spot on KTNV‘s Valley View Live, ABC in Las Vegas Channel 13’s 2-3pm show with Dao Vu, Megan Telles, and Rikki Cheese.  Monday afternoons I zip in at 2:30pm, on-air around 2:45pm, and then right to the theater for my 4pm show at The Linq.  It works out very well, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

In the segment, I chat about what’s buzzing around the internet at the moment.  So I call it Cyber Linq.  See what I did there, Caesars??  🙂  My fabulous webmaster / video guru / “woman I call when I can’t figure out something involving a screen and buttons” designed this super cool logo for me.  Check it out below.  Fancy huh?  Thank you, Tammie!


Today’s spot was just too much fun!  We talked Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud, and about A1 Barbers in Atlanta who are popularizing a new hairdo – the Benjamin Button!  Chef Stephen Hopcraft from STK at The Cosmopolitan was super cool with me messing with him a bit.

See ya next Monday!