Dale K | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate event entertainment | Hypnosis has historically been one of the most inciting and mesmerizing forms of entertainment here in Las Vegas.  It was obvious that Dale K was destined for the stage from his youth where he seized every opportunity that was presented to him to perform in front of family, classmates, and teachers alike.  He commanded immediate attention from producers because of his uncanny ability to perform hypnosis at such a young age.  As his talents became further uncovered Dale was able to develop his own personal brand, one that abandoned the traditional stuffy tux and pocketwatch approach.

Dale K will help keep your audiences intrigued and alert during any corporate event entertainment occasion.

Dale K breaks down many stereotypes associated with Corporate Event Entertainmentthe art of hypnosis such as getting volunteers to enter zombie like trances and cluck across the stage believing they have taken on the form of a chicken.Instead Dale uses the idea that hypnosis is the ability to harness the power of suggestion and mind motivation. He prides himself on his clean and professional decorum, perfect for corporate event entertainment.

To see all that dale brings to the table for his corporate event entertainment gigs check out his website!