Host for Dallas Corporate Showcase

On June 29, 2011 I was the professional host for the Five Star Speakers and Trainers Dallas Showcase.  I was honored to share the platform with speakers Aaron Davis, Sam Richter, Karen McCollough, Bruce Wilkinson, Steve Ford, Christine Cashen, Mark DeVolder, and John Izzo.

“In June I attended a conference with Jeff Civillico as the MC. Jeff is the most talented and hilarious entertainer I’ve ever seen! From juggling a bowling ball, a machete and eating an apple at the same time, to his uproarious antics of climbing on a unicycle with the help of 2 volunteers. This routine lasted several minutes and brought the entire audience to roaring laughter, and surely the 2 men made a pledge to themselves never to volunteer again for any emcee.. :D”  –Angela Neik, Showcase Attendee

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