Corporate Entertainment Spotlight On…Dan Riley

Corporate entertainment takes on many forms when performed by the talented Dan Riley.

Dan Riley has performed with the very best—Sinatra, Bennett, and Cosby—and is a veteran of corporate entertainment.Corporate Entertainment

Dan Riley can sing, play a variety of instruments, and make people laugh.  During the 1980s and 1990s, Dan traveled with the likes of Sinatra and Bennett opening for their acts. Doing so allowed Dan to establish himself in the entertainment industry.  He then began performing at corporate entertainment events, on cruise lines, and in theatres.  Dan injects his corporate entertainment and special event acts with music and comedy.  He will adapt current music hits and old favorites, making his corporate entertainment acts unique. While his music compositions make him an individual in the corporate entertainment industry, his ability to engage audience members proves that he is a professional in his field. In addition, Dan’s acts are family-friendly!  He makes the audience laugh with good, clean fun.  Today, Dan can be hired for corporate entertainment events. He has two shows called “I’m a Boomer, Baby” and “Roy Orbison-The Tribute” of which he can adapt to groups of audiences.

Liven up corporate entertainment events with musician, singer, and comedian Dan Riley!