Corporate Entertainment Spotlight On…Dana Tison

Corporate entertainment comes easy to performer Dana Tison.

Dana Tison’s corporate entertainment acts include comedy, juggling, and unicycling!Corporate Entertainment

Reigning from Baltimore, Maryland, Dana did not grow up in a place that is known for entertainment.  However, Dana did not let this stop him.  He learned to juggle at eleven years old and at age thirteen won a juggling competition in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. Dana is now easily considered a professional juggler and perfect for corporate entertainment events. Dana is lucky to have had talented instructors to help him succeed in corporate entertainment and beyond.  Dana trained under Master Russian Juggler Sergei Ignatov who also facilitated appearances for him on the Learning Channel, Entertainment Tonight, and national television commercials. Dana has also appeared in well-known print publications like Juggler’s World Magazine and National Geographic World Magazine. In addition to juggling, Dana incorporates physical comedy into his corporate entertainment and other stage performances. Avner Eisenberg, film and Broadway Star, taught Dana how to apply physical comedy principles to stage performances, like corporate entertainment.  Dana’s personality and performing skills make audiences love him. He practices his acts to ensure that his timing is impeccable and polished.  His hard work pays off, illustrated by the number of prominent companies that have hired him for corporate entertainment.  Ernst & Young, Exxon-Mobil, Chick-Fil-A are just a few companies that have hired Dana for corporate entertainment.

Dana Tison provides high-quality corporate entertainment, check him out!