Las Vegas Show – Dance Connection

Las Vegas show Dance Connection: Las Vegas show highlights the best dancers in the valley.

Celebrate the performing arts and attend this Las Vegas show!

Las Vegas Show

Dance Connection will host its annual dance concert in the form of a quality Las Vegas show. Audiences remember dance connection’s annual performance for its celebration of dance. Cherilyn Beanan directs this year’s Las Vegas show.  Alongside the director are talented staff members and students. The Smith Center gives these young students a great opportunity to perform on the newest stage in town. In addition, the Smith Center offers any Las Vegas show a character of prestige and grandeur. The Dance Connection studio is ran by Cherilyn Beanan with an importance placed on teaching her students technique and professionalism. Students are placed in classes according to their level of dance practice and are provided with many opportunities to perform throughout the year.  Dance Connection goes beyond offering simply dance classes. Dance Connection also organizes activities outside of the studio meant to foster the students’ dance talents. Some of these outside excursions include workshops, masters classes, dance retreats to Los Angeles, Disney performances, and competitions. While an emphasis is placed on learning the technique of dance, the studio wants its students to enjoy dance and apply what they learn to achieve a long and healthy life.

Las Vegas show for dance lovers is the annual concert organized by Dance Connection.