Danny Cole | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate event entertainment | Danny Cole grew up in Los Angeles and began practicing magic at the spry young age of 10.  Studying under Loren Christopher Michaels and  Dale Salwak Danny Cole quickly acquired contemporary slight of hand and deception skills while simultaneously developing his own new and innovative approaches to the craft.  By 1996, age 17, Danny was receiving significant and substantial recognition such as winning the Lance Burton Teenage Stage Contest held in Las Vegas ultimately landing him a spot on his NBC television special, Lance Burton, Master Magician: The Encounter.  At this point Danny’s career was on the fastrack and would ultimately position him to be one of the worlds most recognized magicians and a great option for corporate event entertainment.

Danny prides himself on never imitating or copying any other magician’s Corporate Event Entertainment style or concepts and thus brings a completely fresh and ever evolving style to corporate event entertainment.

Rather than viewing magic as the means through which Danny could attain fame and fortune he sees his craft as an art form enabling his truest expression.  Danny provides acts involving such high levels of creativity he is sure to inspire any type of audience during his corporate event entertainment.  Levitating blocks, disappearing objects, and effortless costume changes will have your employees talking about his act for days at the water cooler and over lunch.

While Danny Cole can usually be found trotting the globe you should visit his website to track him down and get in touch to employ his services for your next corporate event entertainment occasion!