Dave Womach | Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate event entertainment | Dave Womach Internationally recognized magician and illusionist brings a certain flare to his performances that will keep your audiences coming back for more.  His loud thumping music, costumes, and colorful birds all combine for an exciting and awesome act.  At the age where most would be graduating from college, Womach has already made a substantial mark on the industry.  Dave has performed at venues ranging from the Tropicana and Riviera hotels in Las Vegas all the way to the Shanghai International Magic Festival.

He began his career performing on cruise ships for three years.  After traveling the world and performing in nearly twenty different countries he is now performing at the Hyatt Regency in Saipan where he wow’s international audiences daily.  Although Dave Womach does trot the glob consistently, you can still employ him for your corporate event entertainment needs.

“His act is a stunning blend of magic, music and Corporate Event Entertainmentexotic animals that materialize from thin air.” Dave Womach has performed at several different corporate event entertainment events for well known companies such as AT&T, D.A.R.E., and AMC Theaters.

His multifaceted show will be sure to set the perfect done for your employees through the corporate event entertainment he puts on.  I personally saw Dave Womach at the Planet Hollywood Forum Shops in the V Theater and was blown away by how perfectly he was able to maintain control over the many different birds in his performance: something I am sure you will throughly enjoy if you employ him for your corporate event entertainment needs.

To check see what else Dave Womach has to offer for your corporate event entertainment needs check out his website!