Las Vegas Magic Show – David Copperfield at MGM

Las Vegas Magic show David Copperfield: “Once-in-a-lifetime” is the phrase we use to describe the talent of someone who takes ownership of their craft, legitimizes it, redefines it and then influences generations of followers for decades to come. This Las Vegas Magic show features such a man.

Las Vegas Magic Show

Carrying a legacy that includes 11 Guinness World Records, 21 Emmy Awards and the title of Magician of the Millennium, David Copperfield has brought the definitive illusionist experience to the Hollywood Theater in a Las Vegas Magic show bound to dazzle, bewilder and shock even the most jaded fans of the dark arts.

His performance is given without the aid of dancers, special effects or elaborate production enhancements — not that you would notice them. He is so engaging in his mysticism that anything else would simply be an inconvenient distraction to the true wonders unfolding on stage.
David’s environment may not be able to accommodate the size and scope of legendary events such as his disappearing Statue of Liberty or his graceful flight over the Grand Canyon, but you’ll feel no sense of limitation watching his Las Vegas Magic show. From a brilliant and quite deadly laser that passes over his form without harm to a stunning sequence where he cuts off the lower half of his body and grips onto its waist while walking down a set of stairs, each illusion becomes a marvel in its own right, and a worthy finale to any Las Vegas Magic show which blurs the line between sleight of hand and sleight of mind.

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