Las Vegas Show – David Spade at Venetian

Las Vegas show Davis Spade: David Spade has an uncanny ability to blend merciless sarcasm with an affable charm. Since Dennis Miller pushed for his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1990, David has contributed a host of memorable characters to television and the big screen. In teaming up with the late Chris Farley for the films “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep,” David cemented his legacy as a comedian with a unique and highly marketable niche.Las Vegas Show

His Las Vegas show “In Spades” is largely a collection of personal anecdotes from his practically trademarked worldview, delivered in the same deceptively laid-back style that made him a permanent part of comedy culture.

Now that he’s spending time on the Strip performing his Las Vegas show, audiences will get the chance to hear his take on the Vegas lifestyle. He brings his hilarious wit to bear on the illusions of “high-roller” status, his experiences as an aging man trying to gain access to the hottest clubs, and all of the supposedly ideal places to find beautiful women that end up being watering holes for other like-minded men.

If you’ve ever thought it, laughed about it, but never actually said it, David’s Las Vegas show is the perfect place to learn how to voice every one of your self-censored and snarky remarks. By the time David delivers the punchlines from his strip club commentary, his Las Vegas show’s audience will have been victimized in a most hysterical manner by the man who can lay waste to the concept of tongue-biting and prove yet again that he’s the best there is at calling a spade a spade.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!