Las Vegas Show – Defending the Caveman at Harrah’s

Las Vegas show Defending the Caveman: The longest-running solo play in the history of Broadway has finally arrived on the Strip! Kevin Burke’s Las Vegas show “Defending the Caveman” answers the question “why does he DO that?!” to the side-splitting satisfaction of each and every lucky audience.  The truth behind misunderstood male stereotypes of all kinds will finally be revealed, as you learn exactly what it is that makes men tick, and in the process gain a wonderfully funny and genuinely insightful new understanding of the precarious relationship between the sexes. Las Vegas Show

With 15 years in the business and a passion for comedy that unites people rather than divides then, Kevin was the perfect candidate to deliver comedian/writer Rob Becker’s ambitious material.

His Las Vegas show has a none-too-subtle theme attached to it, sporting prehistoric backdrops and primal sound-effects and setting the tone for the great reveal: a legitimate explanation for everything from a woman’s shopping habits to a man’s inability to have a conversation during a televised sporting event.

Men and women alike will find vindication and a newfound appreciation for each other in the Las Vegas show that Oprah, Variety, The New York Times, and CNN have found good reason to offer the highest level of praise and respect.  The poking, prodding, amused whispers and knowing glances present in all of Kevin’s performances are a testament to what lies underneath all the laughter and the merriment: a stronger bond with the people we love.  He claims that the intention of his Las Vegas show isn’t to stop couples from fighting, but he does guarantee that those conflicts are going to be a whole lot funnier.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!