Las Vegas Magic Show – Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic

Las Vegas Magic show Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic: Dirk Arthur’s Las Vegas show “Wild Magic” incorporates beautiful and majestic exotic cats into an already exciting and fast-paced festival of powerful illusions, energizing music, dazzling lighting effects and gorgeous dancers. The seating arrangement in O’Shea’s Q Theater guarantees that the audience will be amazingly close to these fascinating animals. Using nature’s best talents and his mastery of mysticism to complement one another, Dirk manages to infuse his Las Vegas Magic show with an emotional high that lasts throughout the entire performance.
Las Vegas Magic Show
Unfortunately, Dirk’s former career wasn’t quite as successful. “I used to work with parrots but I had to stop because they kept telling the audience how to do my tricks.” The cats certainly don’t speak, but their grace and talent and the sheer power of their presence make up for this in spades.

“Wild Magic” is a Las Vegas Magic show that celebrates the harmony between man and beast, the power of mind-altering perception and the intensity that comes from watching it all from a heartbeat away.

In this case, the cliché holds true, as audience members will find themselves no further than 40 feet away, and for the more daring, as close as 10 feet.

Dirk uses snow white tigers, spotted leopards, black panthers, Bengal tigers and even an incredibly rare half-ton liger, the result of a union between a lion and a tiger that is still thought by many to be a creature of myth. Arthur is a passionate conservationist and true animal friend and his Las Vegas Magic show is dedicated to both the gentle and ethical treatment of the creatures as well as the sharing of the stunning grace and forms of nature’s most majestic individuals.

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