Check Out “Divas” at The Linq, 10PM!

The LinqThe Linq has seen numerous successful headliners come through their theater, but only one show, Frank Marino’s Divas, has brought them such an incredibly star studded cast. Where else on the strip, no… in the world, would you ever be able to witness such a conglomeration of timeless female singers ranging from Celine, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, all the way to Brittany Spears, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga? Oh right… There is only one catch… these beautiful female performers aren’t really women at all!

The star studded cast takes full advantage of all the Imperial Palace theater has to offer.

Multiple stage set ups, booming pop music, bright lights, and more sequins than I have ever seen in one sitting all come together to create a playground best suited for the likes of some of the most influential pop divas of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Somewhere between Dolly Parton’s “Nine-to-Five” and Liza MInnelli’s “New York New York” I looked around the theater and could not help but giggle at the level of fervor with which the 50+ demographic was shoulder shaking, hand clapping, and head bobbing to the music. It looked as if they were putting a huge amount of effort in to not simply jumping up on their tables, kicking their drinks to the side and starting to dance! The The Linq offered these vacationers a stroll down memory lane where they revisited distant memories of times spent boogying the night away wearing bell bottoms and what most now would consider to be regrettable hairdos.

Frank Marino gave us all a real treat. He made sure my party was comfortably seated in his specially reserved booth at the The Linq. We had a great time spending the night listening to Frank rattle off countless

The Linq
Jeff and Frank

hysterical jokes and play on words in between the musical performances. My personal favorite being, “this dress is made like a cheap hotel… there’s no ballroom.” The show moves at just the right pace and has the perfect level of audience involvement; I can attest to this first hand as I had the honor of sharing a romantic, but unfortunately short lived, dance with Whitney Houston.

For more information on this fabulous show and to get your own tickets visit the The Linq’s website!

The Linq
Frank with the Interns (Lena and Jake)