Emcee, Entertainer, Sketch Comedian for Green Compass

I kicked off my mini-Florida road trip off with a bang! It was fantastic to work with the wonderful team over at Green Compass, Inc. again this week — not just as a professional event emcee, but also as a corporate entertainer and one half of a sketch comedy duo! This was my third event with Green Compass, and folks, each event is a testament to the power of flexible client relationships. 

From live in Vegas to virtual in Tulsa to live once more in Orlando, it’s been both challenging and rewarding to navigate the ever-changing tides of the events industry with the great people at Green Compass. Even more, the company trusted me to fill not one, not two, but three crucial roles for their event! With the help of an awesome production company and the best corporate DJ out there, this event was one for the books.

Take a look at the 2022 Green Compass award show, including my favorite part, the SNL “Weekend Update style” comedy sketch! 

A Three-Peat with Green Compass, Inc.

This was my third year in a row hosting and performing for the wonderful team at Green Compass, a producer and distributor of high-quality hemp-based wellness products, from topical pain creams for aches and pains to CBD pet treats for your furry friends. Their annual award shows celebrate the top performers in the company and it is a joy to watch, let alone participate! There is just always so much love in the room 🙂

The first year I had the pleasure of hosting the Green Compass annual awards on my home turf of Las Vegas, where I met the fantastic leadership team, including Meredith and Sterling Cook, and Sarah Nilsen. When the world went remote the following year, we had to be flexible. So, the leadership team, myself and DJ Rankan flew to a production facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma to take the event virtual. 

This year, we were able to gather safely once more at Orlando World Center Marriott. I must admit I enjoyed the feeling of Green Compass advocates recognizing me and expressing gratitude to see me back once again! After being their Vegas entertainer, virtual event emcee, and now in-person emcee once more, it was great to know the Green Compass team was excited to have me back as their awards ceremony host. 

It really spoke to the flexibility of this company as a whole that each event, no matter the medium or location, was received with such awesome attitudes. I do also have to extend a personal thank you to the leadership team, who were kind enough to switch up the production rehearsal schedule to allow me to attend the funeral of my entertainment attorney/manager, Jerry Longarzo. Their flexibility here was not necessary, but it was appreciated more than I can express… truly fabulous people! 

Our Third Weekend Update Skit (Love It!)

When Green Compass first took me on as their event emcee, they also requested a corporate entertainment set. While I did perform my 45-minute  “Comedy in Action” banquet show, I also got to work on something totally different — a “Weekend Update style” skit, written with all of their company and industry jargon and news. This year was a three-peat for the Green Compass “Weekend Update” sketch  as well. It’s definitely become “a thing” haha.

Sarah Nilsen writes the Weekend Update comedy skit every year and it’s always a big hit.  The company CEO Sterling Cook and I do our best Colin Jost and Michael Che impressions (for the SNL fans!), with various Green Compass executives dropping by like “the girl who misinterprets everything” and “Karen the enforcer.” This was our third year doing this skit, and I can say it was the best one yet: the best writing, the best delivery, and the best audience reaction… most importantly!

A Legendary Event Production and Hype Man Combo

What makes an awesome event even better? An epic event production team and the best corporate DJ working today, of course! This year’s Green Compass event was again produced by KATAPULT events, who absolutely knocked it out of the park as usual. I have to give a big shout-out to the KATAPULT team — Erik Johnson, Scott Beelman, Jay Taylor, Laura Jean Hoffpauir, and Stephanie Raguso — for being the best at what they do.

The Green Compass team made such a smart choice bringing a crew like KATAPULT, who have such robust technical abilities and years of experience producing massive events. With hundreds of award winners throughout the night, the KATAPULT crew were experts at nailing lighting, timing, and managing the IT components of the live stream. We were even able to help celebrate the award winners who didn’t make it to Orlando! 

DJ Rankan at Green Compass Dream Big Event

Speaking of celebrating, let’s all give up for the man, the myth, the legend… DJ RanKan! I’ve had the good fortune of working with this talented DJ across a few events now, and this latest tag-team did not disappoint. He brings it every single time! He keeps the energy up with not just his music, but his banter and his ability to work the room. We had a lot of fun bantering back and forth all night! 

DJ RanKan had the tech side totally locked in, helping usher the audience in and out of breaks and getting everyone on their feet. He even let me try my hands at the turntables — though it’s safe to say I’ll be sticking with juggling 🙂 Between DJ RanKan’s skills and KATAPULT’s event mastery, we kept the energy high all night. 

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