MC Showcase for NACA Conference (Mid-Atlantic Region)

Over the weekend, I was happy to showcase as MC for the National Association of Campus Activities Conference in Lancaster, PA.  The energy in the room was fantastic, and I had a blast.  I met a ton of extremely talented, warm performers as well… most notably the 5 acts I introduced throughout the show: The Mayhem Poets (slam poetry), Preston Pugmire (singer / songwriter), Cady Groves (singer / songwriter), Seaton Smith (comedian), Kooley High (hip hop band).

I was amazed at the number of students in the audience tweeting in real-time about what they were seeing.  There was a laptop backstage showing a live NACA twitter feed that all of us couldn’t help being drawn to.  It was either a horrible idea, or the coolest thing ever… I still can’t decide.  Luckily I got good reviews, or else going back on stage for set after set would have been brutal!

Some of my favorite Jeff tweets:

Laura: Dear @jeffcivillico… I love your facial Expressions!!

Jason: This juggler is AWESOME!!!

Jeremy: I suddenly wanna learn how to juggle.

Fatima: yay! Jeff =D

Stacey: balancing that ladder on your chin was crazy!! Loved it!

Jazlyn: @jeffcivillico is riding his juggling clubs…but hot and awesome doing it!

Shaun: @jeffcivillico was hilarious getting on that unicycle. Great emcee today

Adrianne: laughing. too. hard. to. tweet.

Brian: best emcee of the conference.

Thanks to everyone who posted pictures on my facebook and twitter!  Here are a few of the best.  Hope to see you at the National Convention!

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