Hosting Testimonial | MC for Animal Foundation’s “Best in Show”

I had sooo much fun hosting “Best in Show” yesterday for The Animal Foundation!!  What a nice thank you letter here from Betsy VanDeusen, Development Manager for AF, and check out the great photos by Scott Roeben…Las Vegas HostMay 15, 2014

Dear Jeff, thank you for serving as the host and celebrity performer at The Animal Foundation’s 2014 Best In Show on April 27th, 2014. As our signature fundraising and community engagement event of the year, it is essential that we truly engage the audience in our mission. We could not have had a better host than you to achieve this goal. Your energetic performance kicked off the event with audience engagement that captured the attention of all 2,600 guests and set a fun and lively tone. We were impressed by your ability to grab and hold the focus of not only the VIP guests on the show floor, but also the 2,000 guests in the upstairs arena seats. Your off- the-cuff commentary and high energy interaction with the supporting hosts and pets kept every guest enthralled throughout the show. We’ve never had so many guests laughing, applauding, calling out and participating in the show!

In addition we truly appreciate your efforts to learn about our mission and programs. Your ability to find ways to deliver genuine mission focused messages throughout the event was impressive. We felt that you were a true partner and we cannot express our gratitude enough for your dedication to making our event a success. We raised over $226,000 and found homes for more than 180 pets over the weekend. We are confident that your expert audience engagement will generate volunteers, fosters, adopters, donors and shelter pet advocates for months to come.Sincerely,Betsy VanDeusen, Development Manager, The Animal Foundation

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