Entertaining Keynote Speaker for ATI Nursing 

Nurses are the heart of healthcare, but you don’t need me to tell you that. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been a testament to the unparalleled role nurses play within our society; a role that while rewarding, is also incredibly exhausting. Though a funny keynote speaker like me can’t alleviate the stress the current nursing workforce is under, I can certainly make them laugh.

And making them laugh is just what I did! I had the extreme pleasure of serving as the keynote speaker at the 2022 ATI National Nurse Educator Summit at the Hyatt Regency Seattle, where I spoke in front of dozens of nurse educators who are shaping the future of nursing. Go behind the scenes of the event to learn more about my keynote and the power of meaningful conversation!

Behind the Inspiring Force That is ATI Nursing

When it comes to nursing education, ATI Nursing are pioneers in innovation and excellence. They lead with compassion and integrity and have developed a suite of programs and product solutions that focus attention toward the nursing students and the nurse educators who work with them. In other words, they are truly phenomenal people with an even more impressive mission. 

This past week, an audience of nurse educators and former nursing program deans and directors gathered at the Hyatt Regency Seattle in Seattle, Washington for the 2022 ATI National Nurse Educator Summit. It had been two whole years since the group had been together in person, and they were joined by another 150 attendees watching virtually. 

The theme of the 2022 Summit was to help attendees have the “best work week ever,” and truthfully, I cannot think of another group more deserving of such a work week! Right now, nurses are facing extreme shortages, doing jobs they normally wouldn’t do — and frankly, shouldn’t have to do. Budgets are impacted, enrollment is down, and nursing systems are overstressed. It was beyond time to engage this group with an uplifting talk from a funny keynote speaker!

Starting the Summit with Purpose (and Humor!)

While I always love to be the funny keynote speaker or corporate entertainer at an event, I especially love when I have the privilege to be the first act on stage. So, you can imagine how stoked I was to be the opening keynote speaker at the 2022 ATI National Nurse Educator Summit! I chose to deliver my Work That Matters keynote, which incorporates a nice dose of entertainment.

I began the keynote with a 15-minute set that included some of my most iconic Las Vegas moves, like the notorious unicycle bit that starts with me grabbing two volunteers from the crowd and ends with me on a towering unicycle on stage. To my delight, the crowd absolutely loved it! I ultimately extended my initial time frame for the entertainment just to keep that deserving crowd laughing!

ATI Nursing Audience Laughing

Once the laughter died down a bit, I launched into the heart of my keynote — which was easy now that I knew I had the entire audience engaged. My keynote largely focused on reconnecting with your purpose and your passion, an act that’s a lot easier said than done. I’ve found that this message resonates across industries but namely with healthcare audiences, who are especially burnt out. 

Throughout my time as the funny keynote speaker, I took that audience through a bit of my backstory, from when I first began juggling to my time on the Las Vegas Strip. I brought the crowd on a journey of me finding my purpose, which culminated when I founded my non-profit organization, Win-Win Entertainment. What happened next was truly special.  

Joy in Kick-Starting Meaningful Conversations 

Once I cued the audience in on my why, I encouraged each member to try and dig deep to reconnect with their own unique purpose. I mean, it would have been crazy for me to stand on stage and tell that room full of amazingly talented people their why — but I knew they each had one. After all, you don’t end up a long-time nurse educator by accident! 

We hit the music and had each audience member talk to one another about rediscovering their purpose. After a few minutes, I walked around with the microphone for some of the audience members to share a story or a moment they identified as sparking their purpose. Folks, what a meaningful conversation! The amount of thoughtfulness and selflessness was unbelievable

ATI Nursing Audience Attendee Talking

Once I wrapped up my keynote, I was so honored to have a chance to chat with some of the nurse educators in the crowd one-one-one. And, to my surprise, so many wanted to learn more about Win-Win Entertainment! It was so moving to talk about the heart of nonprofit fundraising with the courageous, caring nurses who make my work at these hospitals possible. Thank you all, truly!  

Looking for a Funny Keynote Speaker with Las Vegas Flair?

Are you on the hunt for a funny keynote speaker with a list of accolades that includes Headliner for Caesars Entertainment and Chairman and Founder of a 501c3 national nonprofit? Look no further than me, Jeff Civillico! I would love to come to your next event, whether it’s an in-person conference or digital webinar, to speak with your team. Send me a booking inquiry today to learn more!