Family Vacation in Fort Collins

After serving as virtual emcee for 200+ virtual events in the last year, I was way overdue for a vacation! I had a fantastic week in Fort Collins with the family. Uncle Jeff was in full force hiking, biking, pooling, and water parking with the kiddos!

Driving to Colorado from Las Vegas proved to be the right move. I took in some really incredible scenery while listening to several podcasts I’ve had in my queue. I also caught up with family and friends on the phone.

My career as a professional emcee and corporate entertainer affords me the freedom and flexibility to control much of my own schedule and spend time with loved one. Now I am back in Las Vegas refreshed, recharged, and ready to tackle the next series of virtual, hybrid, and then starting in September LIVE/IN-PERSON events. Whoo hoo! I can’t wait.

Jeff Civillico with family in Colorado, eating dinner outside Uncle Jeff with his brother John's family on a hike in Colorado Uncle Jeff with Sophie in Colorado on a hike Jeff Civillico with his brother John sharing Manhattans in Colorado on vacation Sophie and Ethan playing in Uncle Jeff's Tesla Uncle Jeff and Ethan on vacation in Denver Uncle Jeff and Jude at Water World in Denver Sophie's drawing of Uncle Jeff's Tesla