Fifth Floor Foods at the The Linq

The Linq has a hidden cove on the fifth floor that holds four amazing restaurants that will surely satisfy any craving you have, -Quesadilla, Ginseng 3, Pizza Palace, and Embers.I love trying new foods out, and on the fifth floor at The Linq I get the perfect amount of flavorful options!

The Linq's Mexican Cuisine
Quesadilla at The Linq

Are you searching for fiesta feast you can enjoy with some compadres? The Linq’s Quesadilla has the menu that can fulfill any loco hunger you may be having. They also have a variety of margaritas that you and your amigos will love to sample along with your chips and guac!

The Linq's Oriental Front
Ginseng 3 at The Linq

If you’re feeling a more oriental flavor, just go right next door to Ginseng 3, where this amazing restaurant offers Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. Bring the entire family as these servings were made to share! With a welcoming and friendly service, and such a cosy setting at The Linq’s Ginseng 3, you will be convinced you visited the oriental front during your meal!


Still not satisfying to your hunger needs? No worries, The Linq’s fifth floor has plenty more to choose from!


The Linq's Pizzeria
Pizza Palace at The Linq

Pizza Palace at The Linq offers a more easy-going mood for pizza and Italian food lovers. Styled as any pizzeria should be, the different options for toppings and sides will thrill any person, ahh that’s amore!!!


The Linq
Embers Steak House at The Linq

These fine places still not doing it for you? Are you feeling a fancified, intimate atmosphere where you can find the perfect steak? Well at The Linq, Embers is your finest bet! When you dine, there is a feel of perhaps a secret society because food like this should be for the privileged! Embers gives you full confidence and a full stomach.

The Linq has four options for amazing eats just on the fifth floor, visit a taste and experience the fun!