Clean Comedy Event: Finding a Corporate Entertainer

Picture this scenario: You’ve spent months planning your latest corporate entertainment event. You’ve meticulously arranged each and every detail, from the color of the cocktail napkins to the order your presenters will get on stage. The night begins without a blip until your “corporate entertainer” hits the stage and their “blip” is you need to *bleep* half of their set.

Now, your company CEO is sweating in the front row. Janet from accounting is clutching her pearls, while Dave from marketing is live streaming the entire event to the company Instagram page… which brings your corporate event into the home of another 20,000 people. You already know you’ll be in trouble tomorrow morning, so you just reach for another one of those stylish cocktail napkins.

Don’t let a poor comedian drag down your next corporate event. Turns out, there’s a comedy style that won’t offend or embarrass anybody: It’s called clean comedy, and yes, it doesn’t have to be cheesy.

From the heart of the Las Vegas strip to front and center at your next event, consider what to expect from a corporate event entertainer who specializes in clean comedy. 

What is Clean Comedy?

So, what is a clean comedy show, anyway? Simply defined, clean comedy is a branch of entertainment that evokes laughter without involving any swear words, politics, or religion. A clean comedian never embarrasses volunteers who step on stage nor do they poke fun at someone’s appearance, sexual preferences, or ethnicity. A clean comedian steers clear of “hot button” topics, such as trending politics, that could rile up or divide the crowd.

A clean comedy show is corporate entertainment you can experience with the entire family (even with your little ones or overly strict grandparents!). A corporate entertainer specializing in clean comedy often intertwines additional acts, including physical comedy like juggling or magic tricks, into their routine. When a clean corporate entertainer takes the floor, there won’t be a dry eye in the house — but you know everyone will be shedding tears of laughter, not of fear that they’ll be fired due to the raunchy comedian running the show. 

The Difference Between Corny and Clean Comedy 

Let’s get two things straight:

  1. If you hire a famous comedian or media personality as your next corporate entertainer, they will not tailor their material for you. They likely will not censor their jokes for key phrases that could be offensive or embarrassing to attendees in the audience.
  2. They won’t spend hours researching your industry to craft material that resonates with your corporate crowd or involves your specific niche.

The result? A corporate entertainer that costs a pretty penny but leaves quite the ugly impression. In comparison, a clean comedy entertainer tailors their material for every event they attend. These corporate entertainers dig into your industry to pen original material that audience members can relate to. From company rivals and bizarre tagline choices to common industry acronyms, there’s a wealth of material clean corporate entertainers can pick from. 

Here’s the second thing you need to know about clean comedy shows: It does not need to be cheesy. There’s a common misconception that “clean” comedy means corny or juvenile. Just because your corporate entertainer isn’t dropping F-bombs at the holiday party doesn’t mean their act won’t blow people away.

It’s quite the opposite. A corporate entertainer with a clean comedy act can make everyone feel involved in your event with high-energy jokes that simply leave out offensive topics or language.

How to Pick a Clean Comedian for a Corporate Event

Now that you know what sets a clean comedian apart from a regular comedian, it’s time to figure out what qualifies someone as the perfect corporate entertainer for your next event. An impressive roster of the previous virtual and in-person corporate events is a significant selling point. Practice makes perfect for clean comedy shows, so be sure to look for a performer with a dedicated corporate entertainment reel

Also, take a look at their previous comedy experiences. Has this corporate entertainer ever headlined at a major venue or run their own live show before? A corporate entertainer like myself had an entire decade on the Las Vegas strip.

I was a headliner with Caesars Entertainment at the iconic hotel properties The LINQ, The Flamingo, and The Paris. Not to brag, but my clean, family-friendly “Comedy in Action” show still remains highly acclaimed: 

Yes, my family-friendly (re: no swearing, no boob jokes, no politics) skyrocketed in Sin City of all places! If a corporate entertainer can work for the crowd in a city known for otherwise not family-friendly activities, you know they’re an automatic win for your next corporate event. Plus, corporate entertainers with this level of expertise are masters at researching your industry, learning your lingo, and relating to the members of your audience.

Clean comedy shows for corporate events

Clean Comedy: Generating Laughter, Not Embarrassment 

When you hire a corporate entertainer for your event, you want to be confident that you’ve selected someone who can make the entire crowd feel welcome. As such, their comedy act shouldn’t isolate team members or poke fun at your company’s mission. Truly, a corporate entertainer should generate laughter, not second-hand embarrassment — that’s what clean comedy is for.

To recap, a corporate entertainer who offers clean comedy shows will:

  • Steer clear of offensive material 
  • Monitor their language for swear words
  • Avoid topics that involve politics or religion
  • Never embarrass volunteers or audience members
  • Learn about the corporation to create unique material
  • Not speak on otherwise divisive or triggering topics
  • Be ANYTHING but boring

A corporate entertainer with a clean comedy background will never run the risk of needing to censor half their set to omit offensive material. More than anything, a reliable corporate entertainer will never alienate audience members in pursuing a few laughs. The ideal clean comedy entertainment for your next event will have everyone laughing, not just a select few. 

Find Clean Comedy Shows for Your Next Corporate Event

It’s time to wow audience members with a corporate entertainer known for bringing big laughs without messy punchlines. Make your next event shine with an entertainer who knows the ins and outs of your business and how to craft jokes that celebrate your industry, not drag it down. More specifically, get yourself a corporate entertainer with a roster of clean comedy.

If you’re on the hunt for corporate entertainment sans any risk, choose the comedian big businesses have trusted for decades: Jeff Civillico. Discover how to book me for your next clean comedy corporate event today.