First Live Show Since February 2020

Well that felt good! I just performed my first live show in 15 months and WOW! I remember why I fell in love with performing when I was 10 years old 🙂 I can’t think of a better organization to return to the in-person stage for than Sunshine Nevada.

June 4, 2021

Jeff, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for performing again at our 2021 camp program for our beautiful kids living with autism. I believe this is year 5 now…wow!

Camp I Am and Camp TLC are free summer camps for kids living with autism ages 6-17. They are filled with
lots of singing, dancing, laughing and love. It’s a place where they can be kids, be themselves and be
included. The kids, and even the volunteers, would all agree that camp is one of the things they look
forward to most each year. They would also agree that camp has altered their perception on life and what
matters most in this hectic world and that it has made them a kinder, better person.

And then we somehow found you…and added your energy, positivity and absolutely hilarious, brilliant act
into our camps…and the bar got raised! Now, one of the first questions we get when we announce camp is
”will Jeff Civillico be performing?” You connect with the kids, regardless of their ability or disability in a way
we have not seen from other talent that has performed for us. By the end of your set, the kids and adults
alike are exhausted from the ride you put us all on. Even our faces hurt from laughing so hard. Perhaps my
personal favorite part is when you stick around after your show to connect with the kids one-on-one. It
gives me chills to know that there are people who are still willing to make time in their schedule, and more
importantly, in their heart for our kids. On behalf of myself, my team and all the families of the campers
who attend our programs…THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE YOU and we LOVE having you part of our camp


Christopher Bache
Camp Director, Sunshine Nevada

Entertainer Jeff Civillico spins plates with volunteer jet puffed marshmallows at walmart Entertainer Jeff Civillico on 6' tall unicycle Entertainer Jeff Civillico gets 2 volunteers to help him mount his unicycle Corporate entertainer Jeff Civillico unicycle routine for unicycle routine Entertainer Jeff Civillico on stage for Sunshine Nevada event Entertainer Jeff Civillico goofs around for Sunshine Nevada charity event Entertainer Jeff Civillico performing for Sunshine Nevada charity event Entertainer Jeff Civillico performing for Sunshine Nevada Jeff Civillico on 6' tall unicycle on stage performing for Sunshine Nevada Jeff Civillico backstage warming up on 6' tall unicycle