Forget Coffee, Work Breaks Are Fueled By Entertainment

You bring the coffee and donuts, I’ll bring the entertainment — sound like a fair deal? Great! That’s what could be in store for your company as I begin to offer virtual entertainment “work breaks” to clients, or my take on quick, simple ways to drive up employee engagement and satisfaction. Coffee and donuts aren’t required per say… but I certainly don’t think they’ll hurt! 

You see, what truly powers engagement among employees isn’t a buffet of snacks or unlimited caffeine; true engagement comes with effort. The level of effort employers devote to employee well-being is exactly the level of engagement employees will return. Fortunately, I handle all of the heavy lifting for virtual entertainment, so employers (and employees!) can reap the benefits.

Here’s what every organization should know about virtual entertainment work breaks. 

Virtual Show Chat

Why Virtual is Here to Stay (Yes, Really!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: virtual events are here to stay! Now, I say that for a plethora of reasons, the primary being that they’re incredibly simple. Where an in-person conference requires an expansive venue — along with transportation, meals, and lodging — a virtual event involves no more than a solid internet connection, robust agenda, and entertaining virtual emcee

Not to mention, not every employee or stakeholder is comfortable traveling to or attending an in-person conference just yet. With mask mandates and various other pandemic protocols fluctuating from location to location, and those with personal or family health concerns on high alert, it’s not always feasible to want to gather physically. Plus, not everyone prefers to leave home, even if just for a long weekend, for a variety of financial and social reasons. 

Regardless of whether or not organizations choose to keep an annual conference virtual is one thing, but it’s impossible to ignore the benefits a virtual event can provide. Virtual has created an easy way for organizations to bond, for teams to come together for a shared experience, and in regards to today’s post, for companies to take a quick break to reunite and recharge. 

In other words, the idea of arranging a virtual show like mine as a “work break” isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The good news is, it’s now easier than ever for event planners to arrange virtual events for teams, departments, and even the entire company. Of course, the easiest way to go about it would be to send me a booking inquiry… but let me give you some more details, first!

What Inspired This Virtual Emcee to Encourage Work Breaks

Anyone that knows me personally will tell you the same thing — I barely take breaks! I am typically an “always on” type of person, which has actually taught me a ton about the value of a break when you truly need one. And after the past two years (can you believe it’s been that long?), it’s no secret that employees and employers across all industries are past due for a much-needed break.

That’s partially what inspired this virtual event emcee to begin to offer work breaks as part of my services. I recently served as the virtual emcee for a large insurance company, where I performed in three separate virtual shows as work breaks for the employees. These work breaks took as long as a standard lunch break, but folks, the result was nowhere near as nap-inducing as a pizza party!

This is where I circle back to my original statement about effort. I can assure you that no employee will remember the impeccable sub sandwich you supplied at last year’s team meeting, but they will remember the way you made them feel. They’ll remember the effort you took to enable them to connect for a shared experience, and how that experience made them forget their troubles, even if just for an hour. Trust me, effort like that is not easily forgotten!  

Why Virtual Shows are the Easiest for Event Planners 

After all of this talk about effort, would you believe me if I said that virtual shows are actually the absolute easiest for event planners? It’s true! While I can’t speak for other professional emcees and corporate entertainers, I do know that virtual shows like mine are fully self-contained. In other words, I handle just about all the work! Here’s a quick glimpse at what I mean:

  • Teaser and promotional content is supplied by my videographer in advance 
  • Virtual events are facilitated through my Zoom account, no sign-up necessary
  • Custom branded graphics for welcome and closing slides are created by my graphic designer
  • Lighting and audio is managed by my virtual event production company, Show Creators Studios
  • Recap videos are edited and produced by my videographer for company distribution 

A virtual event emcee like myself handles every aspect of your event, from start to finish and everything in between. Not only is it leaps and bounds easier than trying to produce a professional virtual event yourself, but it’s also dramatically more economical than in-person events. And even better, these virtual events still demonstrate a ton of effort, without overextending company leaders or event planners. Talk about win-win, right? 

What Are You Waiting For? Take That Break!

I might not have a crystal ball, but I can predict that your company, like many others across the globe, are very much overdue for a break. I would love to bring my Las Vegas style to your organization, no matter where you are in the world, to bring you that much-needed comedic relief! From virtual team-building to virtual comedy shows, I’m ready to dial in with your team.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take that break — virtual entertainment break, that is! Go ahead and send your information my way and we can plan a work break that your employees will be talking about for months, even years to come.