Las Vegas Show – Frank Marino’s Divas

Las Vegas show Frank Marino’s Divas: A man must wear many faces during the course of his life. Some of these faces get by with a clean shave and a fresh tee shirt.  Others need a bit more help in the way of lipstick, make-up, a wig and a dress that literally shimmers.  For performers with an unabashed love of the spotlight, an active romance with a microphone and a healthy but playful ego, one Las Vegas show provides the ultimate venue for personal glory. Las Vegas Show

Entertainment legend Frank Marino, best known for his headlining performances on “Evening at La Cage,” has a brand new Las Vegas show filled with glorious divas, chart-topping hits, powerful dance routines and some of the best female impersonators ever to grace the stage of the Imperial Theater.

Appearances by such star power as Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Britney Spears, and Cher are backed up with Frank’s inner (and outer) Joan Rivers, brought to life as host and comic relief, and dazzling in ever-changing and ever more glorious attire.

“This damn dress is made like a cheap hotel, there’s no ballroom,” says Frank, reflecting on the challenges of feminine attire.  His Las Vegas show is filled with priceless commentary, the perfect complement to the amazing performances put on by drag’s best and brightest.  While the diva-doubles don’t sing, every other quality of the stars they bring to life is recreated in fabulous detail, from dance moves to facial expressions and even the subtle mannerisms that make up every last superhuman ingredient of our favorite pop legends.  Join Liza, Madonna, Beyonce and the rest of crew for a Las Vegas show packed with quick wit, vivid imagery and brilliant performances, tipping the hat to showstoppers both real and imagined.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!