Las Vegas Show – George Wallace at The Flamingo

Las Vegas show George Wallace: Observational humor has gained tremendous popularity in the last few decades and George Wallace’s Las Vegas show is an excellent example of the endless opportunities for laughter the right kind of man can facilitate simply by speaking his mind. “The guy who can roll the room over if it’s dead” is ready to hit another one right out of the park, but not before he gives you his opinion about the lousy seats, bad food and warm beer.Las Vegas Show

George Wallace turns blunt and unrestrained social commentary into an art form in “I Be Thinkin’,” his very own Las Vegas show based on the premise that ordinary life is far too full of guilty pleasures and head-scratching moments not to share them with a willing audience.

George is every favorite family storyteller rolled into one, combining the quick-wit, comedy, wisdom and careful observation that bring out the funniest takes on life’s endless little quirks.

George’s Las Vegas show tackles such varied subjects as good food, gift giving, shopping at IKEA and the seemingly impossible hope of being seen by your doctor at the time that’s written on your appointment card. He’s sensible enough to ask the doctors in the audience to explain themselves. No matter who or what his material targets, a sea of synchronous head bobbing makes it clear how well he understands us. This is not to say the Las Vegas show comedian always approves, which is readily apparent when he informs the crowd who “need they asses kicked.” Even Judge Judy made the list. “You know she’s naked under that robe, don’t you?”

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!