Las Vegas Show – The Mentalist

Las Vegas show The Mentalist:  Mentalism – “the doctrine that mind is the fundamental reality and that objects of knowledge exist only as aspects of the subject’s consciousness.”Las Vegas Show

“Mentalist to the Stars” and Las Vegas show talent Gerry McCambridge has been eagerly sought out by such notable celebrities as Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Tim Burton, Dennis Miller, David Spade and Carrie Fisher.  His ability was recently recognized with a one-hour network prime-time television special viewed globally by millions of people, and he remains Vegas’ longest running mentalist performer.  His specialty is an intriguing offshoot of illusionist art whose practitioners possess a remarkable intuitive ability not easily explained away by logic.

Gerry’s Las Vegas show is an incredible exercise in mindreading and predictions that leaves his audiences as baffled as they are entertained.

His performance is packed with magic and comedy, as well as an abundance of audience participation.  Where illusion relies on deceiving the eye, Gerry’s Las Vegas show is also about deceiving the brain, mysteriously accessing the thoughts of eager participants and presenting them in such a manner as to astonish even the most jaded individuals.  His ability to draw random information from unsuspecting minds is entirely fascinating and consistently attracts large crowds.  He has been granted the Merlin Award for “Mentalist of the Year,” and continues to draw requests from top television entertainers.  Gather your wits, release your preconceptions and immerse yourself in a Las Vegas show with infinite possibilities.

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