Gordie Brown in Las Vegas

Gordie Brown: Once a humble and mild-mannered political cartoonist for the Ottowa Sunday Herald, Entertainer of the Year and Best Las Vegas Show award winner Gordie Brown rocketed to fame shortly after some mischievous co-workers entered him into a talent show. He placed first and discovered an unknown passion that eventually led Harrah’s Corporation to ask him to put together a one-man show. After a heaping helping of wild success, he relocated to Vegas to perform at the Golden Nugget.Gordie Brown in Las Vegas

Gordie Brown’s Las Vegas Show is Wacky

Master impressionist and wacky comedian Gordie Brown serves up a winning combination of celebrity and song parodies sprinkled with a healthy dose of his infamous comedy antics to deliver a Las Vegas show created especially to highlight his impressive versatility.

His skills transcend those of a simple impersonator, infusing basic imitations with the style and flavor of the people he ribs, bringing a whole new hilarious perspective to a multitude of famous individuals.

When he becomes Nicholas Cage, Christopher Walken, Robin Williams or John Travolta, he manages to amaze his Las Vegas show audiences by nailing his targets with perfect precision while placing them in hysterical situations that almost seem plausible.

When he grabs a microphone and imitates famous artists like Willie Nelson and Michael Jackson, he leaves people gasping for breath, as his hilarious version of classic lyrics accurately portrays the stars just as much as the original material ever did.  With a full complement of impressions, funny props and near-authentic apparel, and a wild imagination with just a touch of inappropriate behavior, Gordy Brown puts on a Las Vegas show that no one else can imitate.

Check out Gordie Brown next time you are in Las Vegas.