Las Vegas Show – Nunsense

Las Vegas show Nunsense: What would happen if a humble and god-loving convent of nuns somehow managed to find themselves in a situation involving deadly poisons, unintentional mass killings, massive emergency fundraising and frozen corpses?

Combining tap and ballet dancing, angelic songbird vocals, abundant laughs, an audience quiz and an unforgettable collection of simply divine personalities, this is one Las Vegas show that proves that it couldn’t hurt to throw in a few dance moves with your next prayer.Las Vegas show

“Nunsense” has arrived on the Strip, bringing along the outrageously original story that earned them 4 Outer Critic Circle Awards including a Best Musical during their decade long run in New York.  The Las Vegas show has already surpassed 5,000 productions worldwide, enticing audiences with a concept that is most certainly not holier than thou.  Sister Julia, Child of God, provides for the culinary needs of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, and when she unintentionally poisons and kills 52 of her beloved sisters, the rest of the girls must band together and somehow raise enough money to give their departed friends proper burials.

Although they are able to afford to put 48 of them to rest, the remaining four bodies must, of course, be placed in the convent freezer while adequate resources are obtained.  With such a wonderful premise, the Las Vegas show needs only to deliver.  Fortunately, “Nunsense” tackles this intriguing dilemma with side-splitting results.  To say more would be to ruin the surprise, but this family-friendly Las Vegas show is a unique take on the unexpected perils of sisterhood that shouldn’t be missed by anybody.

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