Las Vegas Show – Hitzville The Show

Las Vegas Show Hitzville: Every once in a while, the music industry gives birth to a subgenre that not only holds merit for its legitimacy and influence, but also for proving that for every kind of person there is on the earth, there is a form of music that can give voice to their individuality.  This Las Vegas show was especially created for the kind of people who found some of that voice in Motown.

“Hitzville The Show” celebrates the rich history and abundant genius of Motown’s invaluable contributions to music culture.Las Vegas Show

Vocalist Jin Jin Reeves partners with talented backup singers and the five-piece Hitzville band to imbue the Las Vegas show with authentic emotion, offering a performance that resonates with same kind of passion that filled the airwaves during those memorable years.

The Las Vegas show opens with “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” follows up with classics like “Natural Woman,” “My Guy,” and “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” and manages to throw in some of the lesser known tracks that will leave even the most die-hard fans with a full sense of satisfaction.

Whether it’s Gladys Knight, Diana Ross or Tina Turner that Reeves is honoring, she nails each number in graceful fashion.  It’s understandable that she was selected to represent these icons, as her career has included multiple collaborations with many of them.  Even the apparel and the moves do full justice to the concept, showcasing vibrantly colored outfits and carefully choreographed routines taken straight out of the pages of history.  “Hitzville” pays homage to an era filled with emotional and acoustical brilliance, and remains a Las Vegas show that completely fulfills the call of Motown nostalgia.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!