Host with the Most for Notifier by Honeywell

What do you do when it’s been four long years since a group has gathered in one room? You help them have the most awesome conference ever, of course! And that’s just what I did this past week for Notifier by Honeywell, an engineered fire alarm system manufacturer housed under the iconic Honeywell brand. Keep reading to learn how I injected clean comedy and fun into the 2022 Leadership Conference Awards to help make up for lost time! 

Professional Emcee Jeff Civillico hosts for Honeywell

Four Years Since This Group’s Been Together

Four years — yep, you read that right! The last time the Notifier team got together was in 2018 or what seems like literal decades before the dreaded Big C (yep, Covid). You see, Notifier by Honeywell holds their conference every other year rather than annually. While this schedule has posed no issue in the past, the spread of Covid in 2020 meant that the conference was pushed back another two years until the team could safely gather again.

This week, we finally headed to the Orlando World Center Marriott for the 2022 Leadership Conference and Awards. Funnily enough, I’ve become a regular around this venue after I served as event emcee for Motorola Solutions, a group that also rescheduled their conference here post-Covid. If I thought that conference had seemed energetic, I could not have imagined the energy of the 850+ Notifier by Honeywell attendees excited to be together again!

Two Years of Buildup for this Event Emcee

Like many other events I’ve served as event emcee this year, the 2022 Leadership Conference and Awards for Notifier was two years in the making for me. I was originally booked for the 2020 conference and was slated to take the stage as the evening’s host… until the Covid shutdown, of course. So, it was awesome to finally close this chapter, not just for myself, but for the phenomenal event planners who I’ve been coordinating with for months now. 

Though I was brought on as the event emcee to host two award shows on Monday and Thursday, Notifier by Honeywell also invited me to provide a bit of clean comedy sourced from my Las Vegas show, Comedy in Action. I performed an entertainment spot at the start of the conference to introduce the VP of Sales, then performed a second set after dining before the awards segment, which really familiarized me with the crowd and drew engagement.

Professional MC Jeff Civillico juggles on stage for Honeywell

One Clean Comedy Colleague (and Industry Vet!)

Four years of waiting, two years of buildup, and one industry pal to give a major shout-out! Scott Bloom is one of my colleagues who’s also a professional event emcee with a clean comedy keynote… and did I mention he’s also one of my good friends? Scott has been mastering large-scale events for major pharmaceutical and software companies since the ‘90s, and I’ve been stoked to have learned so much from him throughout our friendship.

Up until this year, Scott served as the event emcee for Notifier by Honeywell and helmed the position for nearly a decade. It’s become a running joke between us lately that I was selected as the event emcee this year, though Scott’s the type to always refer gigs to me and vice versa. It was a real treat to step into his shoes for the day! 

Professional host Jeff Civillico hugs volunteer

Countless Memories Made in Just Seconds

I cannot wrap up this post about the 2022 Leadership Conference and Awards without mentioning MyPhotoGallery, one of the coolest additions to an event that I’ve seen in quite a while. Anyone who’s ever attended a conference can attest to the fact that hundreds of photos are taken. And if you’re an event emcee like me, you know that you normally need to scroll through an endless gallery or wait on an event planner to find the photos you’re in. 

Not with MyPhotoGallery! Rather than spend time finding my own photos, I uploaded an image of myself to the conference photo gallery website and facial recognition software used AI to instantly locate any photo I was in! I rarely find something this unique at a conference, and it was even cooler when I was sent 142 photos directly to my email inbox in a zip file. I highly recommend this element to any event planner or event prof! 

Event photo scan app

Need a Host with the Most? I Know a Guy!

Locating for an event emcee with a clean comedy vibe and Las Vegas flair? Look no further! With decades of experience entertaining audiences both on and off stage, I’m the perfect fit to make your next event truly special — particularly if you’ve been waiting as long as Notifier by Honeywell! Send me a booking inquiry to learn more.