How To Create Massive Value As An Emcee

Podcast Feature: How to Create Massive Value as an Emcee

It’s not every day this professional emcee gets to hop on a podcast—but folks, this is one podcast feature you do not want to miss! I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with SpeakerFlow co-founders Taylorr Payne and Austin Grammon on their “Technically Speaking” podcast and we chatted all about how to create massive value as a professional emcee!

Whether you’re a professional emcee yourself or are currently honing your entertainer or keynote speaker skills, I think this podcast is a must-listen to learn how to ramp up your offerings. Take a look at why you should be tuning in, what to expect from my guest feature, and why the natural links between a keynote speaker and professional emcee are so important. 

Why Tune Into the “Technically Speaking” Podcast?

If you’re not already familiar with the “Technically Speaking” podcast, let me give you a crash course all about this fantastic resource. “Technically Speaking” is spearheaded by Taylorr Payne and Austin Grammon, the two co-founders of SpeakerFlow. SpeakerFlow is software and coaching for professional speakers, such as keynote speakers or professional emcees.

SpeakerFlow is home to the systems and community a budding entertainer needs to keep a positive attitude and, more importantly, a positive work schedule. With services like group coaching, a revenue calculator, and even a home studio course, you can believe these folks are as real as it gets when it comes to shaping thought-leaders. 

“Technically Speaking” is the brainchild of SpeakerFlow, or more specifically, Taylor and Austin. Together, the duo tackles the latest trends and personalities in the events, speaking, and meetings industry. Every Tuesday morning, you can count on “Technically Speaking” for your daily dose of knowledge with some crazy stories and a whole lot of laughs. 

What to Expect from My Guest Feature as a Professional Emcee 

You might be wondering how me, a noted professional emcee, crossed paths with the crew over at SpeakerFlow in the first place. Well, we actually met at a recent National Speakers Association event in Las Vegas! Taylorr and Austin were at the event as a sponsor, seeking to earn signups from attendees to help elevate their skills.

The three of us immediately connected and before I knew it, I was invited to be a guest speaker on the “Technically Speaking” podcast! While we shared a few hilarious stories (like how my brother thought my old car was for transporting badgers), we also spoke about my process as a professional emcee and how I add value to all of my clients. 

Here’s how “Technically Speaking” describe our chat, which you can listen to here

It doesn’t matter if you’re an emcee or a keynote speaker. If you’re on the stage at all, you NEED this episode. We decided to bring in one of the greatest emcees and entertainers on the planet, Jeff Civillico. Jeff has headlined in Vegas for the better part of two decades. And with that experience, came mastering the craft of moving and deeply engaging with an audience. 

In this episode, we’re unpacking how to provide massive value as an emcee (or keynote speaker) and how you can become a vital role in the planning of an event. Jeff shares his best tactics and strategies with us as we chat about how to build that value. Let’s dive in!

Why Parallels Between an Emcee and Keynote Speaker Are Important 

The true highlights of my guest feature with Austin and Taylorr were about the inherent parallels between a professional emcee and a keynote speaker. As an entertainer who serves in both roles, I can say with full certainty that what makes a good emcee also makes a good speaker. In particular, there are three areas of overlap I chat about with our co-hosts:

  1. A good relationship with the client,
  2. Thorough preparation, and
  3. Detailed customization. 

I advise all of my clients to bring me in as part of their planning processes, and to tag me in as early as possible. Together, we can work out the best run of show, scheduling, lighting, and more to execute the best live or virtual event. 

Tune into “Technically Speaking” Today! 

Austin and Taylorr, thank you for a great conversation—and for LOTS of laughs! I had a blast speaking with you both and hope that both of our audiences benefit from our discussion! For those that want to tune in, you catch the entire podcast below.